How Poor Posture Leads to Chronic Back Pain

As top chiropractors in Charleston, we know from experience how a little bad posture can go along in culminating with chronic back pain. Because I have been a practicing chiropractor for many years, there have been countless times in which improving posture actually made all the difference in the world to my patients when it came to their back health. So the question still hangs about whether or not poor posture can honestly be the 'silent villain' behind all of that back pain.

Consequences from Poor Posture

When you slump or slouch, not only do you look less confident – you're also adding undue stress to your back. This ongoing stress can contribute to:

Muscle Tension and Imbalance: Poor posture means that some muscles have to work harder than others. This eventually leads to muscle involvement and imbalance leading to chronic pain in the back. Think of it this way - because of the always forward-bent posturing of any individual's body, the back muscles are always 'on', therefore causing fatigue and pain.

Spinal Misalignment: Alignment is what our spine does, with the alignment being punctured when we slouch. Spinal misalignment can press on nerves leading to pain not just in your back, but potentially other areas of your body.

Decreased Flexibility: Continued poor posturing can bring a decrease in flexibility of your spine. Therefore, it makes it more prone to injury, especially as you age. It's similar to a door hinge, the type that gets rusty over time; if it's not moving properly, then it's more prone to seize up or snap.

Increased Joint Wear: Just as a tire on a car, when misaligned with the others, causes wear of the tire, poor posture can create uneven stress on your spinal joints. This leads to wear and tear that can contribute to such conditions as osteoarthritis.

Strides Toward Better Posture

But wait – there's good news for you – if you make an effort to improve your posture, it will help a lot in reducing the risk of chronic back pain. Here are the things that you can do:

The power of awareness: Begin by simply being aware of your posture throughout the day. Change your posture every hour, just do a quick check-in: are your shoulders lax? Is your back curved?

Strengthen Core Muscles: Good core muscles encourage maintaining good posture. Adding exercises building up your abs and back to your routine could also help maintain a good posture.

Ergonomic Workspaces: Modify your workplace so that you engender good posture when spending long periods sitting at a desk. The computer screen should be at eye level and both feet should rest flat on the floor.

Regular Chiropractic Adjustments: Regular visits to a chiropractor can correct spinal misalignments and advice on techniques for correcting posture particular to the nature of your body.

At Charleston Chiropractic and Therapy, we aim to assist you in discovering likely causes of your back pain. We work not just towards helping you get rid of the pain but also correcting issues such as poor posturing so that you eventually end up with better health within your spine. Remember, a healthier back starts from the way you seat and stand every day. Let's work together to give your back the strength that will put it at a healthy place and void of pain.

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