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If you are in the Charleston, SC, area and are looking for a chiropractor, then Charleston Chiropractic And Therapy, could be what you’re looking to find. Many people seek the services of traditional medical doctors for treatment and pain relief. However, other types of treatments could provide answers to what ails you.

There are different types of chiropractic techniques that could help eradicate pain and provide viable solutions to your issues. Here is an overview of the therapies and techniques that Charleston Chiropractic And Therapy offers.

Sacro-Occipital Technique

The sacral region of the back is between the tailbone and the lower back area. Many people have issues with their lower back for various parts. The Sacro-occipital technique is designed to help alleviate this type of lower back pain.

Also known as SOT, this technique utilizes wedge-shaped blocks to stabilize as the chiropractor adjusts that part of the back. Waves of oscillating movements are meant to distribute treatment to the lower back. The intent is to help heal the sacral region and prevent future irritation and pain.

Upper Cervical Specific

The upper cervical-specific technique uses a toggle motion to help the spine correct and heal itself. The cervical region of the spine is found in the neck area. People with upper back pain, particularly near the neck and shoulder region, might benefit from this treatment.

Full Spine and Diversified

It is unusual for a person with back pain to suffer from different areas of the spine. Therefore, whole-spine chiropractic treatment focuses on our patient's spinal region and is not limited to a specific location. This comprehensive therapeutic approach addresses the entire back part and trains the body to heal while deviating from pain.

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If you have ever dealt with spine or back pain, you must address it. Anyone suffering from these issues in Charleston, SC, should know that effective chiropractic techniques can work. Get in touch with our chiropractor at Charleston Chiropractic And Therapy today to see how you can find an alternative way to become pain-free at (843) 722-7074. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to speak with our chiropractor during your consultation. We would be happy to assist you with whatever you require.  

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