Lower Back Pain

If you're in the Charleston, SC, area and in need of lower back pain treatment, we at Charleston Chiropractic And Therapy, LLC is here to help. We can provide chiropractic care and massage therapy to help make it easier for you to feel healthy and move more freely once again. You don't have to let lower back pain rule your life when you can work with a chiropractor near you to help feel better and get back to work, hobbies, and time with family and friends.


Lower Back Pain Treatment Options

When you need lower back pain treatment, our chiropractor on can help. We can help find out what works for your specific situation. If you have degenerative disc disease, for example, you might not need the same treatment as someone with an injury from a car accident. Our lower back pain treatment is focused on the patient and is tailored to his specific needs.

Massage Therapy for Back Pain Relief

Another way to help get relief from back pain is through massage therapy. This can be a standalone treatment or be used in combination with chiropractic adjustments. Massage encourages circulation to help heal the tissue in the area and relaxes the muscles in the back, which can make realigning the spine and other joints easier.

Chiropractic Care Can Treat Your Back Pain

Our chiropractor near you can help you get your back pain treated naturally and holistically. Whether you've had an injury that needs to be looked at, or you've been dealing with pain in your back for months or even years, talking to a chiropractor can help make the difference.  Working with us can help you get true support for your pain issues and can help ensure you can move freely again.

Get Chiropractic Care, Massage Therapy, and Lower Back Pain Treatment from a Chiropractor Near You

Get in touch with us today at Charleston Chiropractic And Therapy, LLC if you're in the Charleston, SC area. We're focused on helping our patients get the back pain relief they need through chiropractic adjustment and massage options. Call us at (843) 722-7074 .

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