Upper Back Pain

Upper Back Pain Treatment: 4 Remedies to Ease Your Pain at Home

Although it can often feel like a medical emergency when you are experiencing back pain, there are many times when you can resolve the issue on your own. You can often fix back pain through multiple lifestyle changes. Charleston Chiropractic And Therapy, LLC, in Charleston, SC, is here to tell you about four remedies you can do at home to ease your back pain.


Practice Proper Posture

Practicing good posture improves the balance and strength of the muscles on both sides of your spine. Good posture can even make you more energetic and less tired. You should work on improving your posture when walking and sitting throughout each day. You should also learn proper lifting techniques for lifting heavy objects to reduce the risk of further injury to your back and to reduce pain. 

Stay Active

Your upper back can benefit from staying active and doing activities like swimming, walking, and biking. Research has also shown that staying active improves your mental and emotional well-being. A chiropractor can help you with extra guidance on ways to remain active.

Do Exercises

There are specific exercises you can do regularly to reduce upper back pain. Some of these exercises include shoulder rolls, planks, shoulder pulls, and push-ups. You can also ask your chiropractor for recommended exercises to reduce your back pain. Be sure to practice mindfulness and be gentle with yourself as you do exercises. Working yourself too hard while doing exercises can lead to strains and sprains.

Get a Massage

Massages are a great way to improve blood flow and ease tight muscles in your back. You can get a gentle massage from someone you know to reduce your back pain. You can also seek help from a professional massage therapist if necessary. There are some ways you can massage yourself at home, though. You can use a massage therapy ball or foam roller to work out the knots in your back.

Schedule an Appointment With a Chiropractor

There will be times when your back is in too much pain and needs to be treated by a professional, so contact Charleston Chiropractic And Therapy, LLC, in Charleston, SC, to get the back pain relief you have been searching for. Our chiropractors are highly skilled at getting to the root of the problem and finding a solution for your pain that works best for you. You can schedule an appointment with us today by calling (843) 722-7074

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