Massage Therapy FAQs

Questions about Massage Therapy Answered by Our Chiropractor

Are you wondering about massage therapy and whether it would benefit your life? Charleston Chiropractic And Therapy, in Charleston, SC, answers some of the most common questions below.


Can massage therapy help an injury?

Massage therapy offers many benefits, including a speedy recovery. Massage therapy can break up deep scar tissue and muscle tension, easing pain and spinal health. In addition, massage therapy helps improve blood flow and the flow of nutrients and oxygen to the injury site, all of which promote healing.

Is massage therapy from our chiropractor the same as a massage therapist?

Yes and no. Both address issues in the soft tissues. However, the focus differs. A traditional massage therapy appointment promotes relaxation, reduces stress, and promotes general wellness. Soothing music and scents might help achieve this.

Though your chiropractic team might provide the same atmosphere, the goal is to relieve pain and tension while promoting wellness and recovery by addressing obstructions in the body. Achieving this goal might require more pressure or movement.

Is it going to hurt?

Chiropractic massage therapy is used to relieve pain and suffering. This therapy does not mean you won’t experience discomfort, although our chiropractor will try hard to prevent it. Still, when addressing tense muscles, they’ll come across an area that radiates more pain than you expected. Be sure to communicate this, as our chiropractic can adjust their technique.

Should I get massage therapy or chiropractic care first?

Typically, this depends on your condition and needs. However, going to a chiropractor who provides massage therapy is an excellent choice because they can determine the order in which to do both. Regardless of where you start, combining these two treatments creates incredible results.

Our chiropractor can provide a more thorough adjustment as soft tissues recover and become less tense through massage therapy. As adjustments improve alignment, less undue stress is put on the soft tissues. The next time you have massage therapy, our professional will address your soft tissues, and the cycle will continue.

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